Pavia Justinian, Fruita, CO

Sculpture 1 : Untitled

Media: Steel, wood and brazed brass

Dimensions:   72"h x 34"w x 20"d


This collaborative sculpture is a layered patchwork of rust-patinated steel, weathered wood, brazed brass, and negative space. Its amorphous shape has an organic quality which is enhanced by the circular window through its core. Golden-tipped spikes encircle this space on one side, at once intriguing and forbidding. Layers of patinated rust streak down from each spike in a subtle rainbow of color, accentuating the curvatures in the steel. On the sculpture's other side, sun-bleached wood curls around the circular space, lending it a softness which is balanced by the industrial patchwork of steel surrounding it. We chose not to title this sculpture because its non-objective shape recalls different ideas to each viewer. We enjoy hearing people's differing interpretations of the piece and have no desire to pre-color anyone's judgment. Viewers have variously suggested that this sculpture recalls a musical instrument, a flame, a wave, a sail, a deconstructed female figure, or a window into one's past or future. We welcome the varied interpretations of our viewers, each of which illuminates a new aspect of this sculpture previously unconsidered.