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Pavia Justinian, Fruita, CO

Sculpture 1 : Meridian

Media: Steel, stone, and sculpting epoxy with concrete veneer, acrylics, and anti-UV epoxy varnish

Dimensions:   90"h x 43"w x 16"d


In astronomy, a meridian is the line a celestial object travels as it climbs toward culmination - its highest point in the sky. In Eastern medicine, meridians are the pathways in the body along which vital energy flows. In a synthesis of these two meanings, this sculpture represents the culmination of male and female energy in sexual union. Soft, feminine curves undulate up the rough length of a steel obelisk, surrounding it on either side and cresting outward at the sculpture's zenith. Amorphous, organic shapes complement and contrast precise geometric elements throughout this piece, highlighting both unity and distinction.