Christoper Coleman, Marysvale, UT

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My mission is to create beautiful and thought provoking works of art that inspire a deeper experience for participants in their midst.

I bring over 20 years as an artist and sculptor to each project and pride myself in professional craftsmanship.


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Tilled Field

"Tilled Field" by Christoper Colaman

Main & Center

Media: Stainless Steel & steel

Dimensions: 9' h x 3'w x 3'd


This sculpture was inspired by a painting of the same name by Juan Miro (please see attached file chris coleman.1.2.jpg).
Particularly the dark shape in the painting that the sculpture draws it's shape from. It is a sculpture of natural curves and reflective surfaces in stainless steel symbolizing a symbiotic husbandry of nature by industry. I manufactured this sculpture in Thailand in 2010 while also building a series of similar steel sculptures and steel fountains. This is the last one remaining in my private collection.
The reflective nature of the stainless steel affords an ever changing surface, dependent on colors in the surrounding environment, ambient light, and angle of viewing.


To purchase call 435-259-2709


Bell Tower

"Bell Tower"  by Christopher Coleman~~   
          Purchased by City of Moab

111 E 100N

Media: Steel, wood & stone

Dimensions: 8.5'h x 10'w x 4.2'd


Large scale musical sculpture made from found objects, wood, natural stone, and steel.


To purchase call 435-259-2709