Dan Toone, Taylorsville, UT

Dan Toone 1

“I enjoy taking the normally rigid and structural steel and turning it into smooth unrestrained flowing lines, shapes, and forms. Many of my pieces have begun with a found object or a fall off piece from another project. Something about the shape and form will attract me and from there, I begin to create. As I work with the patinas, I am always amazed at the individual personality that comes out in each piece of steel. The rusted steel alongside stainless steel or aluminum, compliment each other and together they create a pleasing contrast of color, form, and texture.


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E 100N

Media: Aluminum and Steel

Dimensions: 73"h x 80"w x 24"d


I originally did this piece with just the aluminum. The circular shape over the point reminded me of a sun or moon coming over a mountain. I decided to add the steel piece that had been rusted. It gives it more color and I like the sharp angles in it.


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Sculpture 1 : Envisage

Media: Steel / Stainless steel

Dimensions: 120"h x 72"w x 20"d


Envisage was made from fall off pieces from another sculpture. Quite often the fall pieces are as interesting in shape and form as what you are cutting out. I like combining steel that has a rust patina with a polished piece of stainless steel. I like the contrast it makes.


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