Dre’ Carman, Moab, UT


I love the outdoors and have spent the majority of my life living and/
or exploring it. The first time I visited Moab I knew it was my home.
The rocks and canyons call to me and I feel the presence of past
generations. My pieces are created from items left behind by these
earlier residents--rusted motor oil cans from temporary mining
towns, old tobacco and bean tins from cowboy camps. And I gather
energy from from the spirit of the ancient peoples who populated
this valley centuries before. I want my art to reflect the
overwhelming feelings of humility, responsibility, wellness, and
gratefulness I experience living within these canyon walls.
Dre Carman



The Keepers


100 S & Millcreek Parkway

Media: Oil shale, tumbled ghost town glass, antler, found rusted metal

Dimensions: 8' x 4' x 4'


Katchinas who gather energy to share and nurture.


To purchase call 435-259-2709