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Harold Linke

Harold Linke sculpts movement, sometimes figurative, sometimes abstract.  For thirty years he has found gestures in life that connect what we know with what we do not know.  These gestures--metaphors really--form the basis of his work.

His breakout came with the creation of Novus Grande in 2008.  This flowing stark white dancing surface came completely new-to-the-world.   And rightly so, none of his new techniques are published in any book or taught in any art school.

“I started as I had for twenty years, making traditional expressive sweeping representational detailed bronze dance figures.  People would often comment on the detail and exact proportions, but miss the core of what I wanted to say.  The human body communicates with heaven and earth like no other.  It's the only instrument of communication that we fully control, and its message, the gesture, the movement, is unique in time and personality.

“I applied my energy to distilling this communication through the art.  I said no to everything that was not central.  I discarded the detail, the texture, the volume and the color—leaving only a plain (and plane) surface that I curved and stretched into figurative dance gestures.

“The result was astounding to me and exhilarating to all who saw these fresh white dancers.  People saw more detail and emotion than before.  They saw volumes where none existed and motion from the sweeping curves.

“Because of the heavy editing involved, I called them Essentials.  Thus was born the Essentials Collection.”

His original patterns are created from state-of-the-art composites or, increasingly, with digital images.  His engineering training allows him to use techniques and materials seldom seen in traditional art.  So the dancers the dancers can be small as your fist or large as your house.  Artisans under his supervision re-create these flowing patterns into the white bronze you now know.


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Running Girl

harold girl

100W 100S

Media: steel

Dimensions: 14'h x 6' 9'w



Running Girl becomes the “air-calligraphy” essence of childlike wonder, capturing the joy of a simple breeze and the freedom of running. Because, after all, running is better than walking.


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