Joe Burleigh


I am a Colorado native, raised in Grand Junction. I have a Bachelors of Arts in Environmental Design from the University of Colorado, Boulder. I have lived in the Roaring Fork Valley for the past 30 years, where I raised my two children with my wife Debra. For the past 20 years, I have run my own business at the Roaring Forge LLC, a Blacksmiths Cooperative. I specialize in home furnishing, lighting, decorative, and architectural metals for the construction and design trades. I have also been creating public sculpture since 1996 and currently have permanent pieces displayed in Grand Junction and Glenwood Springs, Colorado; Sheridan, Wyoming; Chevy Chase Maryland, and Morristown, New Jersey. Temporary displays include public art pieces in Carbondale and Glenwood Springs, Colorado, and Lake Oswego, Oregon. Most of my sculpture is kinetic or interactive in some way. My ambition is not to be a manager but to be a proficient craftsman and maker with my favorite material “steel”. My goal is to create durable, unique and attractive objects which satisfy my urge to create new things and which appeal to people of all ages.

Carbondale, CO


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Merkaba Durabo

"Merkaba Durabo"~by Joe Burleigh~~$6500

Media: Painted Steel

Dimensions: 45"h x 44"w x 44"d


The MerKaBa is a double tetrahedra or star tetrahedra and it is loaded with symbolism. I originally built it because I liked the shape and it fits in with the Platonic Solids which I have become enamored with. After I built the first Star Tetrahedra I looked it up and discovered I had built a "MerKaBa". "Mer" means light, "Ka" means spirit, and "Ba" is body. It is the spirit body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light energy, the ascension chariot capable of inter-dimensional and interstellar travel. It is the Yin and the Yang, the Male and the Female, the Above and the Below, as well as the symbol for unconditional love. Among other things. Each side at the bottom has a plaque with either the word "light", "body" or "spirit" on it.
This one also spins around a central axis but it requires a push. The paint is intended to age gracefully or occasionally be completely redone if desired.

King Maker

"Merkaba Durabo"~by Joe Burleigh~~$6500

Media: Steel, brass, glass

Dimensions: 48"h x 38"w x 38"d


I built this sculpture in response to vandalism. The sword is secured with an internal spring so it appears to be loose. I challenge anyone to try and pull it out. The little ones love it. They can't leave it alone. So best mounted at ground level.