Joe Norman, Loveland, CO

Joe Norman 2

I enjoy honest welds and allen head bolts, the joy of struggle and walnut oil on smooth sanded wood. My best work has regret and relief and sometimes I throw wrenches.

I steal natural shapes for my sculpture. Animal bones and river stones feel familiar in my gut. They’re all over the place, and they’re beautiful.

I take emotional resonance and apply it to beautiful shapes. The right emotion AND the right shape just might be powerful to the right person. Maybe it is a small example of how to practice BOTH AND in addition to EITHER OR.

My intent is to make art that contributes to a wider conversation about justice and care and our impact on the world. I hope it helps people think and be happy; I hope it helps people be important to each other.


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Main & 100 N

Media:  Steel, patina

Dimensions: 68"h x 24"w x 30"d


'Hip Bone' is an abstraction of an elk hip bone I found while lost and thirsty in the desert canyons of southern Colorado. I used custom car and motorcycle fabrication techniques to shape the metal.


To purchase call 435-259-2709


Spine II


Millcreek Parkway

Media:  steel, off road vehicle parts

Dimensions:   84"h x 36"w x 20"d


'Spine II' is an abstraction of a spinal column, using brackets and parts from off-road vehicle fabrication. It was inspired by a set of deer bones I found in the west desert of Utah along the Nevada border while I was the Artist-in-Residence at Great Basin National Park.


To purchase call 435-259-2709