Joshua Toone

Joshua Toone was born and raised in Taylorsville Utah and currently resides in Layton Utah. Joshua was exposed to a wide variety of art while he was growing up and took an art class every term he can remember. He recently received an associates degree in graphic design. After helping his dad build sculptures he soon started sketching ideas of his own. He discovered his newpassion of working with metal to create unique pieces that conjure different feelings and emotions.
Joshua began welding when he was 12 or 13 working with his father primarily in the dairy and food industry, where he has found access to scrap and remnant pieces of metal he reuses in his work. He started building sculptures of his own in 2008.
The work is primarily done in stainless steel and steel. He loves the contrast of shiny smooth stainless in direct contact with rough and rusted steel. His work at times portrays a dark feeling while other times it evokes a feeling of hope and strength.
He is having the time of his life working along side his father, building sculptures. In the short time he has been building sculptures, he has already received some positive recognition.

Layton, Utah


See more work:

I Remain Alone

"I Remain Alone"~by Joshua Toone~~$5000

Media: Steel and Stainless steel

Dimensions: 11'h x 6'w x 6'd


I love the contrast of the stainless steel ball against the steel in which it is trapped. The ball remains alone....

Stuck in the Sound of Sleep

"Stuck Inside the Sound of Sleep"~by Joshua Toone~~$3000

Media: Stainless Steel and Steel

Dimensions: 9'h x 5'w x 4'd


I love the contrast of stainless steel to the rusty steel. I like to make sculptures that allow the viewer to take their own ideas of what it is and what it represents. My thoughts and feelings while I sculpt are not usually concrete but more ethereal and non representative.