Mel Whitcomb


I'm an art teacher by trade, and this fall I'll be teaching at Leman Academy in Parker. Teaching allows me the flexibility to spend a lot of my summer carving and sculpting.

I started going to the Marble Carving Symposium in the town of Marble, on the Western Slope, about 10 years ago. I got hooked from there. I love being able to take a rock and turn it into what I want it to be. Something so hard and unforgiving becomes something beautiful.

Good enough to eat

Lately I love to carve sculptures of food out of stone. It began when I carved a lily flower, and I had a piece left over that sat in my living room for a year. One day I decided it looked like a slice of lemon pie, and I realized I could carve some meringue out of marble to put on top. Then I had some limestone I used to make the crust.

I got such great response to that piece, and I started seeing food in all my rocks. I had some raspberry alabaster I sliced up into bacon, for example.

I've done a lot of shows. My work has been displayed in the Santa Fe Arts District, Bemis Library, at the Redstone Gallery near Marble and other places.

Excellent marbling

I like being able to see what's in my mind and turn that stone into what I want. I'm working on larger pieces, too. I had a five-foot piece of marble that required taking out part of the neighbor's fence to get it in my backyard. I had another piece that required an engine hoist to get it out of my truck.

My goal is for my art to be interesting enough to stop and examine, and to have it stick in your mind. If you remember it, I have succeeded.

Keep at it

I want to convey that there are things that are really difficult, and you'll encounter a lot of obstacles, but you can do it. If I can take a rock and turn it into what I want, there's nothing you can't do if you just keep at it.

You can follow my work on Facebook by searching for rockcarvingmel.

Littleton, CO


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Media: Yule Marble

Dimensions: 54x18x18"



Inspired by petroglyphs! This sculpture has features and textures on all four sides