Pavia Justinian, Fruita, CO

Pavia Justinian is a Colorado mixed
media sculptor with work featured in
public art programs throughout the state and
held in private collections across the
Southwest. Pavia is an acclaimed artist in the
Grand Valley, having been featured in radio
and print publications, commissioned work
for the City of Grand Junction, and
participated in numerous local exhibitions.
She apprenticed with local sculptor Dave
Davis, founder of the Grand Junction Art on the Corner, and has had the rare opportunity to develop under his tutelage. This connection is perhaps most evident in Pavia's use of unusual and novel media - including salvaged chrome, rusted old parts, and cement. Pavia builds colorful sculptures with painted concrete, scrap metal, mosaic glass and found objects. She weaves different
materials together seamlessly with distinctive techniques and masterful craftsmanship. Her process involves a bit of everything - metalwork, additive sculpture, mosaic, and painting. Pavia cherishes Colorado’s natural beauty and is inspired every day by the vivid mountain sunsets and the rich desert reds near
her home. She believes in the capacity of art to positively impact the community and strives to expand the presence of artists throughout the Western Slope.


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Media: Steel, wood and brazed brass

Dimensions:  72" x 34" x 20"


This collaborative sculpture is a layered patchwork of rust-patinated steel, weathered wood, brazed brass, and negative space. Its amorphous shape has an organic quality which is enhanced by the circular window through its core. Golden-tipped spikes encircle this space on one side, at once intriguing and forbidding. Layers of patinated rust streak down from each spike in a subtle rainbow of color, accentuating the curvatures in the steel. On the sculpture's other side, sun-bleached wood curls around the circular space, lending it a softness which is balanced by the industrial patchwork of steel surrounding it. We chose not to title this sculpture because its non-objective shape recalls different ideas to each viewer. We enjoy hearing people's differing interpretations of the piece and have no desire to pre-color anyone's judgment. Viewers have variously suggested that this sculpture recalls a musical instrument, a flame, a wave, a sail, a deconstructed female figure, or a window into one's past or future. We welcome the varied interpretations of our viewers, each of which illuminates a new aspect of this sculpture previously unconsidered.