Peter Hazel, Reno, NV

The Hatch


Center st. & 100W

Media: ceramic tile and stone

Dimensions: 7'h x 2'w x 2'd


Two beautiful leaping trout covered in hand-cut and glazed ceramic "scales" mounted on a stone pedestal, the sculpture is high-fired to withstand the harsh desert environment.


Peter Hazel has been working as a tile and granite contractor for over 28 years.  He is a master craftsman well-known for his design expertise and creativity with color, layout, and grain matching. On a trip to Barcelona in 2008, Hazel came across the works of Antoni Gaudi. "After seeing Gaudi's work, I couldn't wait to get home and start creating my own. I didn't know if it was going to be good, and apart from my experience with ceramics and stone, I was entering new territory. I was so inspired by what I had seen in Gaudi's work." Since 2005, second generation artist Peter has been creating two and three dimensional mosaic pieces in ceramic, tile, and glass. Primarily depicting the world of nature, Peter is a master of form and scale, and imbues his pieces with energy and vibrant color palettes that reflect his love of the subject matter. Peter’s hand-made tiles are all high-fired and vitrified, which causes the clay to become incredibly hard and impermeable to the elements. Peter’s installations are built to last in any extreme climate for many centuries.


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