Reven Swanson

Reven Swanson is fascinated by how the human figure creates a powerful expression, using lines that capture negative space and energy. Each figure is autobiographical, depicting a facet of women’s psychological make-up. She shares and understands the rapidly evolving relationship of women to their everyday life in our modern culture. The next exciting series to come, "Helix Moon".

Denver, CO


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Good Morning Sunshine

"Good Morning Sunshine"~by Reven Swanson~~$12000

Dimensions:  7'h x 15'w x 3'd

Media:  Kinetic Steel and powder coat


This sculpture is the most recent of the "Good Morning Sunshine" series. The other figures in the series are part of private collections and the City of Hutchinson, KS. The images marked "sample" shows an example of the sculpture. The actual sculpture submitted is similar. The sculpture with stainless steel butterflies around the bodice is completed and ready for installation.

Reaching across the sky, this flying creature balances the heavens.
This figure is part of a building series, the "Moon Creature Series." The sculpture celebrates a natural harmony with the wind.

The artwork is about change, balance and growth. She speaks for the universal woman describing the relationship between the instinctual-self alongside the contemporary, modern-day self. The work is mounted above ground to imply flight and moves freely with the ever-changing wind.