Reven Swanson


Reven Swanson is fascinated by how the human figure creates a powerful expression, using lines that capture negative space and energy. Each figure is autobiographical, depicting a facet of women’s psychological make-up. She shares and understands the rapidly evolving relationship of women to their everyday life in our modern culture. The next exciting series to come, "Helix Moon".

Denver, CO


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Desert Trumpet


Dimensions: 136" x 84" x 64"

Media: Steel, cast glass, powder coat


The sculpture was inspired by a Desert Trumpet native plant species found while camping near Green River, Utah. It is a playful and whimsical interpretation of a common species. The cast glass is made in the artist's studio. It is kiln-fired a minimum of 3 times and is 3-layers thick. The sculpture is highly durable and suitable for outdoor installation. The base has tabs that may be bolted or welded. It requires a 20"-square mounting surface.