Richard Prazen, South Jordan, UT

Sculpture 1 : Think Green

Media: Welded Steel with Powder coat

Dimensions: 4' 6"H x 5' 6"W x 35"D


Usually I create more serious sculpture, but with this one, I wanted to create a Whimsical sculpture of a Frog Prince chilling on a park Bench. The message is for all of us to be more responsible stewards over our planet. I love diversity.


Sculpture 2 : Bad to the Bone

Media: Welded steel and stainless steel

Dimensions: 5' H x 5' 6"W x 40"D


This is a sculpture of a Rock Star Jamming on his Guitar. I like the steampunk style so I added stainless steel for his hair and the fringe on his jacket. I made the majority of the sculpture out of steel sheet metal, pipe, and I added gears and bicycle style chain.