Scott Whitaker


One part Inventor, one part Artist and 3  parts Mad Scientist, Based in Park City, Utah, Whitaker’s work is funny, whimsical and down right insane. Inspired by the broken and discarded items of a society bent on consumption, Whitaker developed his own Aesthetic called “Jenk”

Each piece of “Jenk” has a story and has lived another life. These treasures contain an energy that when combined with each other, tell a new story. His work represents over two decade of selective treasure hunting, polishing and organizing. Each piece is built entirely from reclaimed and recycled materials, giving them one more shot at life. This work shouts loudly at the viewer, “There is no such thing as trash, only treasure.” and urges the viewer to examine their own use of these precious resources.

Whitaker is the founder of the Utah based artist collective the JenkStars whose mission it is to educate through Art Music and Technology,  who travel the country with their solar powered art installations spreading the word on sustainability. He is also the founder of the Buildingman Sustainable Living Art and Music Festival held twice a year at the JenkStar Ranch in Green River Utah.

Whitaker recently established the non profit JenkStar CASL, Center for Art and Sustainable Living in Salt Lake City and hosts events to support local artists, musicians and scientists in their pursuit of sustainable living.

‘You never change things by fighting the existing reality.To change something, build a new model that makes the old one obsolete. Buckminster Fuller

the art of scottysoltronic

Park City, Utah


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You Can Take the Girl Out of the Tornado

"You Can Take the Girl Out of the Tornado"  by Scott Whitaker~~$4500

Media: Wood, steel, glass and found objects

Dimensions: 18'x 4'x 6'


Having spent much of my life in the Utah desert, I’ve become familiar with the dust devil, I’ve seen it tear through campgrounds, farmland and city streets, quickly and momentarily transforming the quiet and calm nature of the desert without warning into complete chaos. My life sometimes mimics this action in nature, calm one minute and the next minute everything I love is spinning high into the sky. The image of a small Utah rock house with a whirling tornado emerging from its roof is powerful and people can really real are to the idea of the natural chaos that we all contain and try to tame.