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Serena Supplee


The beauty, truth and freedom of canyons and rivers pulse through Serena Supplee. Thirty-five years of living and loving the Colorado Plateau serve as the current of inspiration for her artwork. She paints with watercolors and oils, working from her drawings rather than photos to give her imagination more reign. Serena’s new book Grand Canyon Calling features her pencil sketches adjacent to her paintings.
Serena graduated with a BFA from Northern Arizona University, before moving to Moab, Utah. For a decade she worked as a guide on the Colorado, Green, and San Juan Rivers, and she continues to row her boat & follow her heart down rivers that inspire her drawing and painting. Her passionate palette captures the expansion of rims, the movement of rivers, the dance of clouds, the splendor of starlight, and the lighting on canyon walls which have long captivated the minds and souls of many a romantic Westerner.
Serena’s artwork may be most recognized from the more than 100 images she has published as notecards since 1983 and wall calendars since 2008. In addition, she has a wonderful new selection of 14x18 affordable prints as well as large giclées on her website. To add an original watercolor, oil or sculpture to your collection, contact Serena. Her sandstone-inspired sculptures are on display both in her yard and in the City of Moab.

Moab, Utah


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photo by Bruce Hucko

Helen the Heron

Helen the Heron1

Media: steel, wood, foam, stucco

Dimensions: 60" x 48" x 30"



love herons!