Sue Quinlan


Sue Quinlan’s work explores how artifacts can help people connect with universal human experience and explore its personal meaning.

Her fusion of cultural icons illuminates the connection we all share, including our joys and struggles with ubiquitous events like birth, death and human relationships.

These same ideas have compelled people throughout time and were frequently expressed through their art.

Sue’s use of artifact imagery reminds each of us of the many constants in the human drama.

Boulder, Co


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Media: Concrete and Steel

Dimensions: 10'x7'x6"


Freestanding "Inclusions" is meant to engage the viewer in shared humanity, including variety of imagery, from the human form to gargoyles and cultural symbols.



Media: Concrete and Steel

Dimensions: 65"x45"x8"


Sue Quinlan explores life's existential questions through sculpting artifacts and faces of ancient cultures. She is inspired by the unknown stories she sees on faces. She looks for stories behind the expressions and lines of the faces she sees. We all walk a similar circular path, but the influences of culture and experience can be seen on the facade.