Alexander L Miller

Moab, Utah



Just the Basics


Media: Aluminum

Dimensions: 66"x14"x9"


"Just the Basics" is a journey into elementary shapes and colors. The inspiration behind this piece arose while playing with large foam blocks with my young son Everett. Over the past two years, as a new father watching the world unfold through Everett's eyes, my eyes have been reopened as well. I have been reminded of the importance of establishing solid foundations and returning to basic ways of knowing the world, all while maintaining a sense of playfulness and fun. These concepts seem especially poignant during this chaotic and uncertain period in history. In that spirit, I felt that starting with basic shapes and primary colors would be fitting as I enter into the world of purposefully built art.
The shapes themselves are fabricated from aluminum sheet metal and joined by a steel rod running through the center. The sculpture is finished with durable powder coating and bolted down to a 3/8" thick steel plate.