Deveran Farley


Deveren B. Farley was born February 29, 1984 in Stanford, CA.  Deveren was first introduced to welding in a high school metal shop class taught by Steve Hamilton.  Hamilton not only taught the technique of welding but taught his students to think outside the box and to design and create their own pieces of art. Hamilton went above and beyond the call of a teacher and took his students to competitions and helped them enter fairs, teaching his students to be confident and proud of their skill.  Deveren’s first prize was won at the California State Fair where he received 1st place, Best of Show, Most Outstanding, and Most Creative in 2000 for a dragon sculpture.  Then in 2001 he received 1st place, Most Outstanding, and Most Creative for a 7ft alligator.

After high school and serving a two year mission for his church, Deveren met his wife and moved to Orem, UT.  He still enjoyed welding so he started his own railing business and created custom home decor peices as well.  In his spare time, Deveren began to create his line of fine art.  With all the excess and scrap bits of metal in his shop he made sculptures of found art.  Not able to sit still he wanted to use all the scraps he could and built his garden critters as well.

Deveren’s first exhibition was in the “Parade of Homes,” in St. George, UT.  Since then he has been seen in the Authentique Gallery Art and Design, Brownstone Gallery, the A Gallery, and in private collections such as the Piano Performance Museum at the Doctorow Center for the Arts in NY, and the Opera House in St. George, UT.

Deveren currently has many different avenues which he excels in from fine art, commercial work, and home decor, down to his garden critters.  He loves the challenge of a new job and enjoys the custom pieces that are frequently requested from him, giving him the chance to try something new daily.

“As an artist, I strive to take what others imagine and bring it to life for them by creating a piece that is as unique and beautiful as the idea itself.”

Lindon, Utah


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Get Your Mind Rolling


Media:  Metal

Dimensions:    78"h x 75"w x 36"f


Have you ever had brain block? Had a project that you just couldn't start? All you have to do is get your mind rolling and the ideas will just start flowing. This interactive art piece says it all. And just like our thoughts sometimes we have them going in various directions all at once.