Diego Harris


Diego Harris is an artist who lives in Upper Lake, Lake County, California and displays and sells his large steel sculpture art in Lake, Mendocino, Napa and Sonoma counties. Some of his sculptures now, also, reside in Marin County, Sacramento, Concord, Carmel and Eureka.

Diego has been creating and producing large welded steel outdoor public and private sculpture art for ten years. This is one of his latest sculptures in 2020 to the right.


He, also, has a gallery, called Diego's Gallery, that's been in business for 14 years. He recently moved it from Upper Lake to 6141 Fifth Ave in Lucerne just off of Hwy 20.

The gallery is where he displays a variety of his art ie., paintings, black and white traditional developed photography, gourd art and hammered copper, brass and silver jewelry art.

Upper Lake, CA


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Water Spirit


Media: Steel re-bar, 16 gauge corten steel sheeting and 8 gauge corten plate.

Dimensions: 8ft 6in x 5ft x 3ft


Water Spirit is a free flowing abstract sculpture made of corten steel. Corten steel is made of steel with added elements that enhance it's ability to withstand the elements. As it is now it is still bright metallic in color but over time it will develop a fine patina of red orange rust. This rust patina will form a protective layer that helps to keep deeper more detrimental rust from forming. With Water Spirit I have tried to capture the free motion found in water in the form of welded steel. I often find inspiration in the designs and patterns that I see in nature.