Myles Howell

Myles grew up in southern Utah and has always been inspired by desert landscapes, and things found in nature. He received an MFA in Sculpture from Utah State University in the Spring of 2018. He enjoys the art of stone carving and is currently teaching his techniques as an adjunct professor at USU. His current body of work is based on the abstraction of bone structures and forms that inspire him as an artist.  He works from his home studio in Logan, UT.  He has large scale sculptures currently displayed in Cache Valley Utah, and in St. George UT.  He is currently represented in Maui HI, and in online galleries based in Los Angeles, and Paris. His sculptures have been sold internationally, and are enjoyed by collectors from Taiwan to Rome Italy.

Logan, UT


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Golden Desert


Media: Italian Nero Portoro Marble

Dimensions: 62"h x 16"w x 11"d


Myles draws inspiration for his current body of work from his childhood growing up in the desert of Southern Utah. His sculptures are inspired by desert landscapes, and bones found in the Utah deserts. “Golden Desert” is an abstracted bone form, carved from Nero Portoro Italian Marble, which has distinctive veining with flashes of gold, tan, white and black. The sculpture’s highly polished finish enhances the characteristics of the stone and form.



Media: Colorado Yule Marble

Dimensions: 27"h x 17"w x 15"d


Transformation is focused on the abstraction of bone structures combined with the abstraction of a desert landscape. Drawing inspiration from Myles’ experiences growing up in St. George, Utah, this piece features a movement that invokes a sense of a mix of the desert landscape, changed due to moving water and erosion over time, and the complex shapes that have a distinctive purpose in the movement of animals that inhabit that landscape.