Nathan Brimhall


One of the things I love about sculpture is the three dimensional experience. Feelings can change as one’s perspective does. Each interaction may lead to new discoveries. The light, time of day, weather and seasons can bring new insights. I love the universality of it. I find my “favorite” perspective often changes with time.

I love that as I build a piece, it evolves. Rarely, are my finished products the same as the original concept drawings.

The flow of the creative process has a magical way of stalling time, moderating the heat and cold of the day, and creating an environment of freedom, joy, and peace.

South Jordan, Utah


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Media: Mild Steel, patina, matte automotive clear coat

Dimensions: 96" x 60" x 36"


Resilience was built in 2020 and was part of my process through the Covid-19 lockdown. I was looking for something that demonstrated continuation and moving through. Think The Matrix for the starting point of my vision. I invite all to create their own meaning within the flow, texture, and movement. Resilience captured the essence of our human ability to adapt, continue, and move forward.




Media: Mild Steel, patina, matte automotive clear coat

Dimensions: 86" x 36" x 36"


Vigilance is about a calm readiness, rather than a high alert. It is about being, not doing. Presence.