Nathan Johansen

artist-9 kids

Photo by Bruce Hucko

-Born September 3, 1958

-Graduated with a BFA from Brigham Young University

-Has worked in the Art Casting field for 20 years, coordinating fine art casting at Metal Arts Foundry in Lehi, Ut.

-Has a Wife and 4 kids and currently resides in Provo Utah.

Provo, Utah


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Winter Hibiscus Leaf

2-2023 copy

photo by Bruce Hucko

Media: Bronze

Dimensions:   16"h x 25"w x 8"d


A plant progressing through it's growing season has many interesting stages of development. From seed and seedling to fruit, some stages catch our eye, like the flower stage. Winter Hibiscus Leaf gives us a view into a beautiful stage of plant life, sometimes overlooked, the dying, dried stage. A necessary step to spring's renewal, winter, with its rest period produces beauty in a dried, curled up leaf.


2023-24 Best in Show

Thorns, Bees and Rhinos

9-2023 copy

photo by Bruce Hucko

Media: Bronze & steel

Dimensions:   40"h x 20"w x 20"d


This sculpture is a depiction of the childlike approach to combining nature with imagination to create something new. Like when a rose thorn is plucked from the stem and affixed to a nose! Is it a Rose Thorn, or a Nose Horn? Some people can’t see the thorn for the rose. The exaggerated noses, with their rhino horns and bee stingers affixed, are covered with reproductions of children's original drawings depicting their version of bees and rhino. The fresh, untainted artwork of these small kids, free of preconceived imagery underlines the concept of youthful imagination. Fifty-two young artists contributed to the creation of this piece.