Nate Brimhall, West Jordan, Ut

Sculpture 1 : Infinite'S OM

Media: Mild Steel with Powdercoat

Dimensions: 100" x 40" x 40"


Infinite'S OM is my expression of the divine.
It is the essence of everything in one and one in everything. OM is a word or sound of GOD. I am. You are. WE.

The piece invites one to pass through, stand in, tap, listen, reach, search, see!
Perhaps a new expression of one's self. Maybe an insight to a new paradigm or old bias. Hopefully, an opportunity for dialogue, even if that dialogue is within the self.

Experience space, time, feminine, masculine, one, zero, on, off, and the countless other experiences of expansion from one's own consciousness and awareness.

Sculpture 2 : Integrity

Media: Mild Steel with clear coat

Dimensions: 100" x 36" x 36"


Integrity is my expression of the straightforwardness, and power of being a whole person. May I be true to myself, accepting the imperfections and wounds of living, while being open and transparent, working to not hide from BEING.